Search & Purchase

Finding and buying a horse can be quite challenging. We at Tulip Horses are able to help you with your search for a horse that meets all of your demands. Whether you are looking for a recreational horse, pony, a GP horse or anything in between, within our comprehensive Dutch and Swedish as well as international network, we are very likely to find you a perfect match. Just tell us what exactly you are looking for and we will provide you with suitable suggestions from our offer! These are some of the advantages of using Tulip Horses as your purchase mediator:

Thorough search

When you provide us with the details of the horse or pony you are looking for, we will instantly start looking for the most suitable candidate horses or ponies within our offer which fulfill your demands. The most interesting and high educated horses we have for sale cannot be found at our website or YouTube channel, as their owners do not want any publicity regarding the sale of these horse(s). If we have no suitable horses available in our current offer, we will use our large international network of stables and owners to find you a perfect match.

Visiting and trying

Although it is always possible to buy a horse (from abroad) based upon the images and videos we will provide you with, it is always better to visit and try the horses you are interested in yourself, as videos alone are no guarantee for a good match between horse and rider. If you plan a trip abroad, we will always try to find you a selection of comparable horses, preferably within the same area, to increase your chance to find your perfect match. We gladly assist you planning your trip!

Fair and transparent pricing

Based upon our extensive experience, we will mention you our thoughts about the asking price of the owner and we will help you to get the best price possible. We make no secret of our commission fee, which is 10% of the agreed selling price of the horse. The price we advertise with always includes our commission fee and applicable taxes. At request we will also send you the price excluding taxes, in case you are not tax liable. 


We strongly advise you to at least let a clinical inspection, but preferably a complete purchase inspection including X-rays, be performed, before you sign any agreement. Tulip Horses gladly helps you arrange such an inspection by an independent veterinarian. 

When you sell your horse, we strongly suggest to use our proposed purchase agreements, as they serve the interests of both buyers and sellers at the best possible way. 


We at Tulip Horses gladly help you with selling your horse, no matter its breeding, interest or level. Using our large international network of customers, we are quite likely to find a suitable new owner for your horse! We offer our services both to private customers as well as stables and/or traders. If you choose Tulip Horses as a mediator in selling your horse, we can take care of almost the entire process involved. Our sale services include:

Free advertising

We will advertise your horse in different countries at different media and propose it to our international partners, who will help finding a buyer (advertising is always done in consultation and agreement with the seller).

Promotional material

Extensive promotional material (high quality pictures and especially movies) greatly enhance your chance upon a succesful (international) sale of your horse. If you are not able to provide us with such material, we can help you acquiring them at a fair price.

Fair considerations

We always advise you where possible as far as advertising, pricing and chances to sell are concerned. The price we advertise your horse with, always includes our commission fee and applicable taxes.

When you sell your horse, we strongly suggest to use our proposed purchase agreements, as they serve the interests of both buyers and sellers at the best possible way.