Horse photography

The first impression of your horse to a potential buyer is very important for a successful sale. High quality photos and videos, which highlight the quality and capabilities of your horse, will help to guarantee an optimal first impression. 

Tulip Horses offers you a professional photo- and videoshoot, which can be used to increase your chance to sell your horse, even if you decide not to sell your horse using our mediation services. This so-called "sales photoshoot" includes:

 A series of appealing portrait and conformation photos

 Photos being ridden and/or in freedom in all three gaits, depending on the age and training level of the horse

 Excellent video of all three gaits and the exercises the horse controls

 If you please, we will also take photos from you and your horse, to serve as a nice souvenir or reminder for when the horse gets sold.

After the photoshoot we will edit the photos and videos to make them more appealing and suitable as promotional material. These photos and videos will be made available to you as a download from our server.  

For more information, terms and costs, please feel free to contact us. If you decided to sell your horse exclusively through Tulip Horses, there usually are no additional costs for you as seller, other than a compensation for our travel expenses.

Besides at sales photoshoot, Tulip Horses can also offer you a non-sale intended photoshoot for you and your horse.