Full Sales Service

In our experience most owners and/or trainers prefer riding their horses over handling sales, as selling horses often costs lots of time, time they rather would have spent on the back of their horses. Tulip Horses therefore offers a Full Sales Service. This service focuses at everything that is important in order to sell a horse successfully: from making high quality photos and videos to arranging transport worldwide, after signing the sales agreement.

We at Tulip Horses have many years of experience in horse sales and have clients worldwide: from almost every country in Europe to Dubai and from to the United States of America to Japan and everything in between. In our extensive network we are most confident to find every horse a new suitable owner! Besides our network, many potential buyers visit our website and our YouTube channel every day.

What does our Full Sales Service include?

Depending on your personal needs, our Full Sales Service may include the following services:

  1. Getting acquainted: to improve the chance of a smooth sale of your horse, getting acquainted personally with you and your horse is an important step, that promotes both your trust in us, as an agent, and our trust and knowledge regarding your horse and getting to know your wishes and expectations.

  2. Collecting information: using our sales checklist we collect all essential information concerning your horse, including basic information (gender, height, pedigree, etc.), the horse’s health, sport results (if applicable), character and mind and other relevant things we may need to know.

  3. Promotion material: we gladly take care of all relevant promotional material, in order to sell your horse. Therefore we will make photos and videos, to give potential buyers the best possible impression. These include:

    • A clear conformation photo from both sides and the front

    • Portrait pictures (and if possible “black photos”, photo with a black background, as black photos are very appealing to potential buyers)

    • A “stable video”, showing how the horse is at stable, in-hand, during grooming and picking up his feet, while tacking up and mounting the horse, during washing and grooming after training

    • Photos during training

    • A performance video, to show the level of the horse and all three gaits. Preferably we also film while performing a test at the level of the horse

    • These photos and videos will be edited into a professional video for promotional purposes, that highlights the best aspects of your horse and gives potential buyers the best possible impression. Such a video is not too long (about 3-4 minutes) and is meant to arouse the interest of potential buyers, while showing the most important aspects like the walk, trot, canter and some exercises relevant to the horse’s level

    • In addition a video from the test and the stable video will be produced. Both videos are intended for potential buyers to provide them with more information

  4. Advertising: using the newly produced promotional material we prepare striking advertisements to promote your horse. Besides within our extensive network, we will advertise your horse at several places, depending on your wishes. For example at our website, our YouTube channel, at Instagram, at Facebook and at selling websites all over the world (like Hästnet in Sweden, Sporthorses in Holland, etc.).

  5. Meet clients: when potential buyers contact us to come over to visit and try your horse, we can take them to your horse or arrange a meeting between you and the potential buyers.

  6. Veterinary inspection: once a buyer decides to buy your horse, we will arrange a clinical vet check and x-rays, if required.

  7. Sales agreement: once the horse is approved by the vet and you and the buyer came to an agreement, we will provide you with a sales agreement. Our sales agreements serve the interests of both sellers and buyers at the best possible way.

  8. Transport: once sold, we gladly arrange transportation of the horse worldwide if required (we have good contact with several transport companies). Furthermore we can help arranging blood samples tests or other veterinary requirements (depending on the country involved) and if necessary quarantine as well.

Our biggest goal is to get both the seller and buyer happy! We don’t like secrets, so we provide buyers with all relevant information, including our commission fee. Our fee is always around 10% on top of the selling price and will normally be charged to you as seller after the buyer has paid you the total amount (including our 10% commission fee). Our services are free of charge as long as we don’t find your horse a definite buyer.