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 Does Tulip Horses own the horses offered at their website?

Most of the horses offered by Tulip Horses are not owned by Tulip Horses itself. We offer these horses in the name of their owners. 

 Where are the horses located?

Although most often located in either the Netherlands or Sweden, our international network is quite extensive and we may be able to find you a suitable horse in many other countries, if required. 

 What is the health condition of the horses offered by Tulip Horses?

All the horses we offer are in good health, as either stated by their owner or based upon previous clinical inspections and X-ray examinations. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend you to let a full purchase examination be performed before you decide to buy a horse. We gladly help you arrange such an examination (at the cost of the buyer). Furthermore, our proposed purchase agreement protect buyers as much as possible against stable deficiencies or deviating characteristics.  

 What are the costs when I make use of the services of Tulip Horses?

The commission fee of Tulip Horses is fixed at 10%, which is only charged in case of a sale. If you decide not to buy one of the proposed and/or visited horses, you owe us no commission fee. 

 How do I pay?

Payment for the horse is always done directly to the owner via bank transfer and the horse will be allowed for transport only after the entire amount has been paid. Tulip Horses will never become owner of the horse during the sale. Tulip Horses' commission fee is either paid by the buyer or the seller, depending on what will be most convenient in the concerning situation. For buyers this means they either pay the entire amount, including our commission fee,  to the owner, who will pay our commission, or the buyer will pay Tulip Horses' commission fee and the owner for the horse.  

 How can Tulip Horses help me planning a trip to the proposed horses?

If you decide you want to visit and try one of the horses we proposed, you are more than welcome. For horses located in Sweden or the Netherlands, we can help you with all aspects of your trip, such as booking a flight, hotel, car and of course appointments with the different owners of the horses you would like to visit. When you are thinking of visiting a horse, we will always try to find you some suitable alternatives as well, so you can try more than one horse during your trip to increase your chances of finding a perfect match.

 How do things proceed when I decide to buy a horse?

If you have found the horse you were looking and are thinking about buying it, Tulip Horses gladly helps you negotiating about the price, plan a purchase inspection (clinical and X-ray examination, at the cost of the buyer and to be paid in advance), make up a purchase agreement and arrange transport for the horse. Please be aware that the purchase agreement is a agreement between buyer and seller and is not signed by Tulip Horses. Therefore, it is the responsibility for the buyer to determine whether or not he or she knows everything needing to know to be able to make a well-considered decision to buy the horse. You can use our comprehensive purchase agreement as an aid to determine if you do so and we recommend you to read it carefully. 

 Can Tulip Horses help me relocate the horse I bought?

Yes, absolutely! We gladly help you arrange an international transport of the horse you bought! More information can be found here.