How can Tulip Horses help me sell my horse?

Tulip Horses can help you with every aspect in the process of selling your horse. We can advertise your horse in different countries at trading sites and social media, propose it to our international network or keep it in our silent offer and wait for the right buyer to approach us. We provide you with fair considerations regarding the asking price. We will bring you in contact with potential buyers would like to come over and test your horse. In case of a sale, we will provide you and the buyer with a solid purchase agreement, which serves the interest of both seller and buyer best. Also, we will also make all necessary arrangements to get your horse to its new owner. 


 I want Tulip Horses to help me sell my horse, how do I procede?

If you would like the help of Tulip Horses to sell your horse, please send us a message using our contact form to get in contact. To be able to sell your horse, we will need all the details about the horse you can provide us with. Good image material is very important for us, especially good quality movies as our international customers will judge upon your movies if they will come over for a testride. If you are not able to provide good image material, we may be able to help you with that. If you have results of a previous clinical inspection or X-rays available, we would like to have them as well, so we can send them to potential buyers. We also like to have a copy of results of your horse in competition, that can prove its level and scores.

 What are the costs of making use of the services of Tulip Horses?

We charge no costs for our standard services to sellers. Only when a horse gets sold a 10% commission fee is applicable, which is added to your asking price and therefor paid by the buyer.   

 Who pays for the services of Tulip Horses?

Tulip Horses charges a commission fee of 10% of the price paid for the horse, which is only applicable if we are able to find your horse a new owner. Our commission fee will be added to your asking price and the price we communicate to buyers always includes our commission fee. This means our fee will be paid by the buyer, unless otherwise agreed upon. Usually we send our invoice to the seller, who pays us after the buyer has paid the seller the entire purchase amount, including our commission fee.