Where is Tulip Horses located?

Tulip Horses is located in the south of Sweden and has its roots in the Netherlands and has Dutch owners. 

 Who are the owners of Tulip Horses?

Tulip Horses is owned by Alice Huisman and Bas Versluis. We moved to Sweden in the beginning of 2017 and started Tulip Horses Handelsbolag, which in fact is a             continuation of Tulip Horses VOF and International Horse Trade Center (IHTC), which we run in the Netherlands.

 What is the mission of Tulip Horses?

Tulip Horses' mission is to find every customer the dream horse he or she is looking for and find the horses we offer the best possible new owner. 

 Why should I make use of the services of Tulip Horses?

Although Tulip Horses is a company and thus has a commercial basis, our ambition is to find the best possible match between rider and horse and help our customers where ever possible to achieve this.